Cô Gái Nóng Bỏng - Gal-congress Woman poster
Cô Gái Nóng Bỏng - Gal-congress Woman
Tình trạng:
Đạo diễn:
Goushi Kawano
Diễn viên:
Yuria Satomi, Miina Kotaki, Shoji Sachi, Sakura Hirota
Thể loại:
Tâm Lý, 18+
Quốc gia:
Nhật Bản
Năm phát hành:
Lượt xem:
3.8/5 từ 40 lần đánh giá.
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Because Diet-gal Hinata Todo was at feud with her father Keizo, a powerful Dietman, she ran away from home and worked at a cabaret club. One day, Keizo's secretary Asagi, comes to see her and informs that her father passed away. To secure the seat in the House, Asagi pushes Hinata to become a candidate. She started out the campaign feeling caught in the situation, but the heated election campaign made her look back into her life. And there was the growing love between the shrewd election campaign-planner, Sotokoba. And how will the battle with the powerful rival candidate Takamura end?